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The Myth of Everlasting and Ubiquitous Word

Elements of Error Protection Theory 

di Emanuele Angeleri

The book covers the classical subject of Error Protection Coding with particular reference to Linear Coding and the subclass of Cyclic Coding. The teaching materials are subdivided in 5 levels accessible through hypertext buttons, they are namely: 
Starting Level. i.e. a first approach to the subject proposed in simple form;   
Level of specific information,  (accessible by hypertext buttons), and realized in form of a Technical Dictionary;  
Applicative level: (accessible by hypertext buttons) in which  the reader is given the possibility of immediately verifying the applications of the theory explained in the text. This partcontains specialized software realized on Mathematica Ò;   
Teaching Level: (accessible by hypertext buttons) where skeleton answers to problems proposed at the end of theoretical chapters  can be found;      
Theoretical level: (accessible by hypertext buttons)  with proofs of theorems mentioned in the text and detailed information on specific subjects the reader is supposed to have a limited knowledge upon.
Studying the matter on the computer by utilization of the annexed CD, beginning from  the starting level and accessing the various available levels, permits a quick and easy understanding of the theoretical matter and provides the reader with  the necessary knowledge  for an autonomous design of the described  devices. The book, for the many supplied software tools, can be profitably utilized also by those who necessitate to design Error Protection devices for their professional activity.
Emanuele Angeleri, physics graduate, has employed the first part of his professional  life –  25 years – as industrial researcher (in the field of nuclear energy exploitation and in the field of Telecommunications) and the second part  – 20 years  –  as associate professor of Theory of Information and Transmission at the University of Milan and at the Insubria University (Varese). Professor Angeleri is author of many scientific contributions and some books in the field of his acitivity.

Quaderni 47
cm 17x24, pp. 182, anno 2012
ISBN 978-88-95362-44-1

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